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Momochi Himari (百千 ひまり, Momochi Himari) is the main protagonist of The Demon Prince of Momochi House and is the rightful successor to the Momochi House by her deceased family's will.


Himari has straight ash-blonde hair that is usually kept up in a pigtail style with an ahoge poking out from the top of her head and her eyes are purple in colour. Her school uniform consists of a white button down shirt with the school's crest over the heart, dark grey pleated skirt, black knee-high socks and Japanese school loafers. She is depicted to have a 'cute' style from her array of clothes she wears throughout the series.


Himari is a headstrong girl who strives to have a connection with her 'family', due to the fact that she has been an orphan for a long time. When she received the will to the Momochi House, Himari was excited at the prospect of being able to have a place she could rightfully call her home. She is also hardworking and does not give up easily. Himari can be curious from time to time, which can cause her to create trouble for the others living in the Momochi House.

She has shown to be affectionate of Aoi, often blushing around him when he comes close to her or when he mentions things that can easily embarrass her. However, she does not seem to get along with Ise due to conflicting ideas of her staying in the Momochi House.

Himari is also kind and gentle when she is not agitated by the ayakashi or those who lives in the Momochi House.


It has been stated in the manga that Himari's parents passed away, most likely when she was very young and has been an orphan ever since. It is unclear if she has any siblings before the incident or how her parents passed on.

By having the blood of the Momochi family running in her veins, she is supposed to be the next Omamori-sama or, 'Nue', the guardian of the Momochi House when she receives the will of her family when she turns 16. This would make her the guardian of the Momochi House which is located on the border of the human and spirit world, which would fall under the guardian's protection and monitoring, However, that place has been taken by Aoi and now, she only holds the power to expel anyone from the house if she wishes hard enough due to her bloodline.



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